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You’re My Home!

I miss you so much so,

Like I have nowhere to go.

In my dreams and daydreams as well,

You’re there even when I can’t tell.

I have been writing poetry about you,

Thinking you’ll leave & the hurt will end too.

By the day, it’s getting worse,

I can’t lose you, it’s like I have put on a curse!

I think I am strong & brave & everything I should be,

I know I want to let this go, so I can be ME.

Yet, the love is stronger and I can’t set myself free,

Please help me, because to me, it’s something only you can see.

I am taking a deep breath,

To calm myself down.

Don’t frown, you have no idea, 

My pain is not a clown.

Instead, it’s a crown,

I wear with pride & honesty.

A Crown, decorated with love & longing,

With my feelings going to sleep at my will,

And suddenly waking up out of nothing to kill!

I decide I have moved on one moment,

Yet, the next you’re there, staring at my vulnerable self.

It’s okay though, I have given you that right,

To see my naked soul,

And to ignore all the bright sides! 

You do ignore it all , don’t you?

So easy for you to not care & to be forgetful.

I know you think about me still.

Why don’t you set aside your insecurities once,

And ask me how I am doing in this nuance?

You won’t, I know.

Who am I kidding, you don’t think about me now.

Not after I have told you how I feel.

Not after, I have expressed that what I feel is real!

I am so delusional. I get that.

But is loving someone a criminal offence?

Why am I being punished every day & night!?

Why do you visit me anyway, my dear?

And now that you do, and have been doing for years,

Why don’t you consider my consistency?

Is it creepy to you, that I have the tranquility,

To love you from a distance?

Distance, that I crossed when I confessed my love!

May be that bothers you now?

That I collected the courage to say how?

You were happy when the distance was inside my heart!

It was best for you to talk to me whenever you’d want.

But now, you can’t do that anymore.

Too afraid to tell me the truth, or 

To admit that you feel something more.

More than what you’ve thought , or

Less than what you’ve fought for?

Well, I don’t know. 

You don’t tell me. I know you won’t. 

You’re a coward & an unreal serpent.

I am not sorry to call you that.

It’s true & I am hurt more than you know.

I miss you so much so, 

Like I have nowhere to go!

May be you’re the home I am looking for,

Yet, even with you, I have nowhere to go,

Now I wish , if you could destroy my feelings,

Just like you’ve destroyed our bond, 

Which I thought, was my home after all!

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It’s Okay.

It really is.

To breakdown once in a while.

To let the world forget your mind.

To hear wrongs & feel trapped.

To love so much & lose yourself.

To cry when no one’s watching.

To have no clue of what’s happening.

To forget why you started IT.

To feel the pain and take it all in.

It’s okay.

To be vulnerable sometimes.

To lose people & to lose your mind.

To hide the hurt & pretend the smile.

To harden your heart , become arrogant with time.

To understand, life isn’t easy for all.

To give it time to turn back & crawl.

To have a heart but still using the brain.

To let it rain as humanity is strange.

To hold hands, just your own.

To be alone & trying to control.

To mourn the loss of who you use to be.

To be weak & accept our destiny.

To realise that everything happens for a reason.

It’s okay. You’ll be happy again.

It’s just another season……….


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I Still Wait For You.


The world have begun to end,

I still wait for you. Again.

Still. My heart & my soul,

You don’t show up anymore.

I won’t move ahead until you do,

Without your heart, my heart remains in two.

I forget everyday what you said.

I only care about myself.

I love you for who you’ve been,

You don’t love me for even my possibilities!

I don’t care about that either.

I care about you & I being together.

Sometimes, I want to snatch you away,

Even if you want it or not.

I want to keep you safe, just in my arms.

Even if you beg, cry and plead for freedom,

I feel like I won’t let you go,

Not until you give me all of YOU.

Okay, Let’s be real now,

I am not going to do anything like that! Wow!!

You really thought my love is so cynical & wrong?

I love you now and will love you forever,

Yet, I love myself & I understand how life goes.

I am saddened by the thought of you not loving me,

But I still wait for you because of the “What if” & “May Be”……

Taruni Sharma is a content creator in the entertainment field. She is a writer & being interested in human psychology & life’s philosophy (& because of being too emotional), she loves writing poetry & prose about love, life, self & personal development. Stay in touch by following her Blog, Instagram, Twitter, Spotify Podcast, Linkedin, Youtube & Quora.

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What Money Can’t Buy!

And we can’t live without ….

I am sure you all must have a story, where you did a small thing for someone else selflessly, and it made you feel something you can’t explain till date. I have felt it myself. Once, I was out with my friends, we were standing outside a shopping mall waiting for another friend. Suddenly, a little girl came upto me. I presumed she’s going to ask for money or food because her mother and her siblings were sitting on the ground nearby. But she didn’t. She asked for a tiny hair clip that I was wearing. She pointed at my hair and asked for it. Just like that. It made me smile. I gave the clip to her and she went off. No money, no food. Just the hair clip. She went back to her family. Normal. But for me, it was a memory of a lifetime. The emotions I felt in that moment are more precious to me. It was a little thing, happened in fraction of seconds, yet gave me the happiness many hours couldn’t give.

I ask you to remember incidents like these in your life and how it affected you. You can share them in the comments or directly to me by going to I would love to know all the stories and would share my favourite ones. This is something that money can’t buy.

It was a realisation that we don’t feel happy all the time. We can’t. We also can never find therapy in shopping or eating out. The bad days should be dealt with how the good days are- by living them. Amidst all these motivational talks, self-help videos and books, there is a lack of sense and logic. Not entirely, because sometimes you need someone to push you and that’s when these content creators help but what happens when even their words aren’t enough? Even the motivation won’t help you to find something what you’re looking for.

I am sharing a link to a video below, because everyone deserves the emotions I felt after watching this. Everyone deserves to feel like the guy felt in the video by doing all the things he did. He did it out of love, kindness, compassion and empathy. These emotions are human’s biggest assets. Not the assets we keep investing in, in the stock markets or real estate or even buying expensive things to keep you sane. Those are long-term liabilities. They can never make us happy. (Sometimes it feels good to not being able to afford such stuff). The assets that money can’t buy. Our emotions are the assets we must invest in everyday.

I want you to watch this video, if you haven’t already. This is a commercial but it’s one of the best videos I have ever watched.

Don’t forget to share your story. I am looking forward to it.

Thanks for reading. Namaste.

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When I say “Unconditional” , it doesn’t mean there are no conditions for how and why I am writing this piece! There are! The condition starts with me trying damn hard to maintain work-passion balance. Another one lies in my coping with NOT wanting to write because I am tired after work! Another one doesn’t have to be relatable to you but it is. Simply because WE as a Human entity cease to exist in a world without conditions. But how do you feel when somethings happen without explanations? Like listening to music while writing is my condition. In fact, listening to music while cooking, eating, travelling, working and living is my ultimate condition! But I can’t explain why is that! Hence, My listening to music is kinda UNCONDITIONAL. I listen music unconditionally, without question!

I, as a Human, depend on conditions but as a being who can FEEL, I become UNCONDITIONAL.

Feeling Innocent:

No, I am not innocent. None are. But don’t you go out in the rain, splash the water, eat street food and ice-cream, laugh out loudest, be yourself-the good the bad! That’s innocence you can’t stay away from. Believe me, that’s UNCONDITIONAL. We‘re unconditionally Yourself.

Feeling Brave:

We’re brave. Accept it or not. We are brave when we fight our battles inside and walk with a smile. We’re brave when we miss someone so damn much but refuse to talk to them because we deserve better than ignorance. We’re brave when we leave the junk and run to get fit and healthy. Yes, we’re brave because we live with our opinions, our values and our beliefs even if the world is against it. Because for us, it’s unconditional. Things that define us have no conditions . We’re unconditionally strong.

Feeling Fake:

Since, we’re talking about unconditionality, it’s important to mention REALITY! We’re all fake, whom are we kidding! We fake smiles, nods, agreements, laughter, compliments, even orgasms! We are corrupt beings. But can you find the reason why? We’re not people pleasers! Some aren’t at least. We don’t care what people think of us, yet we still are fake! It’s another unconditional trait we have! We fake things to avoid stress, fights, arguments, taunts and trolls! We hate to get in trouble, but when we do, we face it till we can’t fake it! We’re unconditionally fake in conditions. It’s our nature. We’re unconditional liars.

Feeling Temporary:

I apologise to all the people with whom I’ve made weekend plans and cancelled at the last moment! What can I say! With the start of the week I am all energised, optimistic and enthusiastic about meeting friends and people and socialising. But as long as the week ends and weekend arrives, my socialising will is diminished to the size of an atom! All this because I feel things temporarily! Don’t you? When you plan for the whole week about being super productive and hitting the gym everyday, eating healthy and staying hydrated but something makes you skip it, or improvise it to less! That feeling temporary is also in our nature. People who say women have extreme mood swings are wrong! We do, but EVERYBODY has mood swings. That’s why our feeling temporary is unconditional. it doesn’t depend on what conditions we live our lives on, what matters is that those conditions are itself temporary. Sometimes we’re unbreakable and sometimes we’re damaged. We’re unconditionally unknown to ourselves.

No I am not going to talk about unconditional love, hate, jealousy , hurt and pain! I am unconditionally tired of talking and writing about it and if you still haven’t understood these emotions then nobody can help you! Not even God! Because GOD doesn’t discriminate between Conditional & Unconditional.