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I Cried A Little.

A Poetic Story.

Days have passed,

With pain inside my heart.

Suppressing it hard,

It could tear me apart.

I thought it was time,

Time to be smart.

I should cry a little,

It will help me restart.

Once I cried, watching a film.

Twice I cried, thinking about my kiln.

I knew I was crying for outside reasons.

Yet, I was sure, I wanted to cry this season.

I wiped my tears & went to sleep.

All I could think about was my own film.

The story of my life & how it’s turned out.

I couldn’t sleep. 

No matter how many times I turned, rolled or counted the stars!

I went to another room, sat in the dark,

To see if it was the film that had given me this part.

A part to play inside my head.

To feel that it was me in the story who’d broken her heart!

Turns out, it was the trigger I was waiting for.

It gave me all the reasons to cry a little in the dark.

I cried & wiped them off my face.

I knew it was important & healthy for me to give up at last.

I went back to sleep after it all.

I slept in a few moments to believe it or not!

It was a sound sleep afterwards.

I woke up the next day feeling fresh as a flower.

Crying has helped me before, but not when I was addicted to it.

It helps me balance my emotions in ways I couldn’t want.

Yet, crying a little once in a while is a sign,

That you know you’re human,

And you love yourself to be sometimes vulnerable,

& sometimes, to be fine….

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Love, Pride & Ego.

I saw it. The way you looked at her. 

I knew it. You would never look at me that way.

It took a while to let that sink in. Now it has. 

Let’s get to reality, shall we.

I won’t like your pictures anymore.

Not even if you still look the most handsome man.

I won’t click on your name and read our chats again.

Because whenever I read our texts, I see only I, Me & Myself. 

You’re there for pity & to save your back up plan!!!

No, I am not going to be your backup anymore. 

Especially when I am not even a prior friend. 

I won’t talk to you, ever. Even if you call, i’ll be as formal as I can be.

Even if it means to be rude & blimey on your part.

As, I am not that crazy-wild girl anymore. Not to you.

Not the girl you used to know!

I am not in love with you now. 

Even if I feel something with just your thought.

That doesn’t mean love. It means my ego has taken over your name.

I am not going to text or call you ever. 

No more swallowing my pride for the love that exists only inside me.

You were nice to me. But now you just don’t care.

That hurts you know!!! 

Someone loving you so much & you loving just yourself!

Well, I shouldn’t be angry at you. 

It’s not your fault that I fell for you!

But I am going to be angry at you, because I need to heal.

You see, I have to be angry & hate you for not loving me.

The love needs to be transformed into pride & ego.

It’s the only way I can let you go……

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The Truth About Unrequited Love

Words from the Archive.

To all of you wondering what unrequited love means, Unrequited Love is that one-sided love story that you never got to start or finish!

I recently read an article about Unrequited Love and it really seemed very relatable and pure! That made me wonder, is it real or just momentary, or what really is the psychology behind unrequited love? So, I looked inside my own head and heart and here you’ll know some factual basis for having a heart-wrenching one-sided love affair!

First things first, when do you know that your crush or infatuation phase is over and now you have the one-sided love for a person? 

Well, psychology says that it takes 4 months to fall in love, and crush & infatuation happen all the time, but there’s a silver lining between all these.  Crushs may also remain for a long time depending on the person you’re crushing on! If the person is reciprocating the same amount of effort, you’ll crush over them even more! But then you’ll get to know them, and you’ll feel like “I don’t like this person anymore, it was better before when I knew nothing about them”!!! And your crush is over. Time for a new hunt.

Happens with me! *giggles*

Infatuation is slightly different because after the equal effort of the person you still like them, and you may feel like you can be with them and all that stuff. Day dreaming is a common disease around this (it’s common in every attraction though, planning the future and imagining, what it’ll be like to be their gf/bf)….*too much dopamine*. It has more passion, more evaluation and more regrets of doing crazy things! *Sighs*

But then someone better comes along, and there’s a wall that’s slowly building up, and the next thing you know, you have a new crush!

Love is another level of submission to the person who loves us back. You know things about them, they know things about you. You see someone better , but in your heart you both know that this person is the only one who makes me happy. (Love is selfish in nature by the way). And you know all the other things that happen when two people are in love!!! *Eye rolling*.

Now, the hard one is the Unrequited Love.

 I am sure most of us have had or still have a one-sided love for a person, who knows nothing about it!

This love is completely unconditional and selfless. We know the person and their traits, and we love everything about them, without any doubts about the fact that they may never feel the same for us! But, deep down, we still hope that someday they’ll reciprocate equally.

There’s one edge though. We don’t see the negative side of that person, or any deal breakers. We tend to focus on all the good things the person has and neglect their imperfections. That is why we find it hard to get out of these feelings.  I am not saying that a person’s imperfections are a bad thing, infact they make them more real and more human. But, when we deny that a person can have any spots, we are telling our brain to see them as PERFECT , for US!

Although this is stupid, but everything is fair in love! We all do it.

Why do we feel this way? 

When we see a person as PERFECT, we see all those things that we would want in our ideal partner to have! Of course, we don’t know who that’ll turn out to be, ideal or not. But, the person we have an unrequited love for, is that ideal partner for us! In simpler words, they just make us feel like home.

This is the only reason I feel there is, to have an undenying, undying, unconditional unrequited love.

Now, the real question is,

Can we get out of this hopeless love?

Well, it isn’t easy to get out of LOVE! Especially, when we have these feelings for a long time, months, or years may be! But, yes it is possible.

We just need to tell ourselves the real facts about this situation. The truth about Unrequited Love is that, its not in our hands to make someone fall in love with us. We can’t make anyone feel anything. So, we must accept the truth that these feelings, if grown stronger each day, will only harm US. To get out of them is to focus on the fact that THAT person may know about your feelings (because they do, it is obvious to guess if someone likes you), they still don’t do anything about it, and you are just waiting there for them to initiate, but trust me, they won’t.

Now, you can move on by accepting the fact that they know this, but still don’t feel the same way, and you can stop wasting your life hoping, they ever will! I know it’s hard , and it hurts.

But, do yourself a favour today. Get out of it. Because there’re plenty of fishes in the sea who will value you for YOU.

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WORLD BOOK DAY: How I Went Back To Reading!

It’s not easy to break a habit. Once broken, it’s not easy to re-form it. Especially, a habit that requires will, concentration & determination but ends up only in procrastination!! No. I am not talking about writing, although it’s traits are quite similar but as clear from the title, I am talking about reading! 

Reading has been a core part of my routine for a longer time, but somehow with the job & house chores & more, I kind of lost interest in it! I used to keep my books on the desk, in the front so that I can let myself WANT to read, but that never happened. Then, the lockdown happened & I still didn’t read!! I know I wanted but I didn’t. I picked them up, looked at the covers, the ones I’d left half read, I embraced them with my fingers, remembering about the story & just before I could open it, I put it back on the desk! Instead, I watched movies & series! I felt guilty sometimes, but not enough to actually do something about it!

 “We need change in order to survive!”

What I did to get back to Reading:

I shifted to a different room & gave it a different ambiance so that I feel the CHANGE. Because we need change in order to survive! That room didn’t have a television, nor it had the wifi. I just had my phone, some books, some stationary for writing & colouring & my laptop. So, basically, I minimalised the sources of entertainment. For some more, I also had my ukulele. Never much used it, as I was procrastinating for it as well!! But, this isn’t about it. It’s about reading. 

Once I started living in this new room, I felt more free and less pressurised to DO things! I just did what I wanted to IN THE MOMENT. So, at first, I did some colouring! Threw some random oil pastels on the sheet, hoping to get something for the wall!

“I didn’t force myself to do things & it helped me to do more.”

 Here’s what I created:

I think it’s better than what I used do in the name of art!!! Anyway, the point is, it worked. I didn’t force myself to do things & it helped me to do more. I started watching Harry Potter for like the 100th time! Then, I picked up a book & started reading from where I had left. The book was The Palace of Illusions by Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni . This book is based on the Indian epic — Mahabharat. Only in this book, the author have narrated the story through the perspective of the female protagonist of the tale , Draupadi.

I started re-reading it and I was trapped in the story, all over again! Now, I am liking it and I have time for it or should I say, I value my time for reading!! So, my reading list now involves:

  • Women by Charles Bukowski
  • Sapiens by Yuval Noah Harari (1/4th read)
  • Incognito by David Eagleman (1/4th read)
  • The Unbearable Lightness of Being by Milan Kundera

I love all of these but just like a child loses interest in some of the toys, I lost it too! Only the child doesn’t know the value of those toys, but I do. So, that’s how I went back to my books & resumed my reading habit after months.

Points to remember:

  • Human Beings need constant change in life in order to survive better!
  • Minimalising is the way to de-clutter our minds & life.
  • Do things you feel like doing in the moment.
  • Do not force your way to creativity. 
  • Books are our best companions.

With these points, I leave you with a motive to not be bombarded with thoughts but ways to organise them.

Thanks for reading. Namaste.

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You’re not the ONE!


Your hopeless hope ,

Told me today, that you’re a foe.

You don’t care now I know,

I am angry & sad,

Not at you but on myself.

I believed you’re my love,

I just realised you’re not the one.

Love shouldn’t hurt like this,

Lovers are partners & not strangers that we know!

I hate to admit, I was wrong.

I took this where it never was,

Think, how much love I could have caused,

Yet, I am the reason why it’s SOMETHING,

When it was nothing at all!

I thought I could turn this around,

Make you love me & show you to the world.

But your refusal disappointed me every time,

Your fear was more powerful than your mind.

It felt like you just murdered my heart,

Like a newborn becomes an orphan!

With no fault of my own,

You hypnotised me into your soul,

But no more!

I am wide & awake,

I know it’s all fake.

I realised you’re not the one,

Because you’ve hurt me more than I deserved!

What I deserve, is to be a priority.

I forgive you anyway.

I am free & so are you. So it’s okay,

I am letting this go,

I finally breathe fresh air, on my own.

You’re not latching on my heart anymore,

I now have the control ,

Of my mind & soul.

Now, right has been done.

My Love, you’re not the one.

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I Still Wait For You.


The world have begun to end,

I still wait for you. Again.

Still. My heart & my soul,

You don’t show up anymore.

I won’t move ahead until you do,

Without your heart, my heart remains in two.

I forget everyday what you said.

I only care about myself.

I love you for who you’ve been,

You don’t love me for even my possibilities!

I don’t care about that either.

I care about you & I being together.

Sometimes, I want to snatch you away,

Even if you want it or not.

I want to keep you safe, just in my arms.

Even if you beg, cry and plead for freedom,

I feel like I won’t let you go,

Not until you give me all of YOU.

Okay, Let’s be real now,

I am not going to do anything like that! Wow!!

You really thought my love is so cynical & wrong?

I love you now and will love you forever,

Yet, I love myself & I understand how life goes.

I am saddened by the thought of you not loving me,

But I still wait for you because of the “What if” & “May Be”……

Taruni Sharma is a content creator in the entertainment field. She is a writer & being interested in human psychology & life’s philosophy (& because of being too emotional), she loves writing poetry & prose about love, life, self & personal development. Stay in touch by following her Blog, Instagram, Twitter, Spotify Podcast, Linkedin, Youtube & Quora.

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LOVE Doesn’t Hurt; It Helps Us Grow

Love & Growth – Our Life’s Purpose

I still don’t understand, what is it about love, that I have written so much about it and I still want to write about it! Confusing right? Trust me, I have written to be in love & the truth about unrequited love, even innumerable poems too! I am still not finished. I don’t think I ever will be! 

I am not talking about friendships and the relationships we have in our lives with different people. I am only talking about romantic relationships. As friendships and family gives us love without asking for it, or without having to struggle for it you may say! In these relationships, it comes naturally to everyone. This is my family, I have to love them. These are my friends, I will love them no matter what. It’s like you have no choice and nothing else you can do about it. 

But what happens in a romantic relationship? You literally ASK yourself, “Do I love this person?” or “Does this person love me?”. You analyse everything closely, if this person will inspire you or not. If this person will love you on the days when you can’t even love yourself!! If this person is going to ACCEPT you, as you are!! You don’t have to ask or think too much about all this in other relationships in your life.

Terms & Conditions


 In a romantic relationship, both parties have certain requirements or expectations and both of them see in each other, if they match the potential needed by the other. But in some scenarios, or mostly, when it comes to LOVE, the expectations are invisible. Even if the person is completely opposite of what we wanted, there is no going back once love happens. But how does love happen?

“Unconditional love is the epitome of true love.”

There are no terms & conditions when it comes to love. A person can be far away, and you can still fall in love with them (even if you don’t see them physically or meet). That’s the algorithm of long distance relationships, right? No. Wrong. That’s the algorithm of unconditional love. In a long distance relationship, there are some conditions, such as the hours spent talking or texting, how many video calls per week, online gift deliveries and so on….. Unconditional love is the epitome of true love. True love doesn’t have these conditions. Unconditional love is simply without any conditions. Even if the person is miles away, you don’t even talk anymore and they still manage to let your heart skip a beat. Some people call it unrequited love. I used to call it myself. But not anymore. Unrequited love is totally a different aspect of love, it is more twisted and lean more towards obsession. 

Unconditional love is not an obsession, but acceptance. Acceptance of truth and of the person’s truth as well. The truth that hurts, but is accepted with love, for love. Acceptance that this love may never happen, but that doesn’t mean you stop loving them, it just gets better with time. You love them still, but it doesn’t hurt anymore.

And there goes the concept of terms & conditions down the drain. 

That’s our purpose- Love. Accept. Love some more.

What Now ? Once you love someone unconditionally, will you ever be happy with someone else? If so, how?

“Even from a far away land, the love you hold in your heart is strong enough to make you the best version of you if you let it.”

The Future of LOVE with Unconditionality

It is difficult, yes; to love someone without losing yourself. It is not impossible. People say, to be in love, is to love with your heart, soul, body and mind. True Love don’t let you lose yourself, it helps you grow and find yourself. Even from a far away land, the love you hold in your heart is strong enough to make you the best version of you if you let it. 

Once you find yourself, your love will find it’s way as well. Everything around you will start making sense. It didn’t before, because to you, it was only about the person you love, but now, it’s about YOU. After all this, you will feel relieved and your love will grow in a way you always wanted it to. It will serve your soul and fill it with creativity and personal growth. You will create and share. You will love yourself like you never did before, because you’re not in the idea of love, You are ‘in’ love. This unconditional love shows us the path to our higher self. There can be questions about how are we ever going to be in a relationship, if we keep loving like that? If the person we love is not the one we’ll be with, but then how can we be with someone else!!? 

“The love never dies. Love is immortal.”

The person we want a relationship may not be the one. The person who’s meant to be with us will come along the way while we enjoy our lives as it is. They will come and stay, unexpectedly longer. It can be anyone. The people you know, or a stranger you should’ve known! They will make you feel happy and beautiful. They will talk about all the things you want to talk about and more. They will make you feel like home. And even before you know it, your love will ‘transfer’ into that person. Yes, transfer. The fact is, once you love someone truly, you can not un-love them. The love never dies. Love Is Immortal. But, when someone else comes into our lives, you see your LOVE in them. You think , “this person seems familiar”. This familiarity comes from the person you already loved. You can see their resemblance in this new person and you feel like this one’s even better! You fall in love again. Not because you un-love the one you loved, but you were never out of love and now you can just share your love with the one who’s willing to share theirs.

This relationship will last and this love will become your new epitome of not true, but real love. Real love happens when you know the hurt, the pain, the effort that goes into loving someone and that doesn’t bother you anymore. Real Love is also unconditional, because you know all the conditions but the one condition makes you forget them all- that you love them. 

After a heart-wrenching incomplete true love in your life, you experience Real Love. The only difference is that in real love, you will not repeat the mistakes you did before. You will fight for this to work and will go all the way to have a happy relationship. That’s how you re-love with your true love and make it real. You ACCEPT & GROW.

I hope you find your real love and if you already have, you know what to do. Love is the strongest power that exists, let’s use it the way it is meant to be. Let’s re-invent L.O.V.E. and give it the credit it deserves. 

Thanks for reading. Namaste.

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My Lost Love

Do you still miss me?

He asked me in a dream. I couldn’t say no. 

Because I missed him more than I missed me.

He left without the love I have in my heart.

That love still rots with my soul. 

It feels fresh but rots like it’s old.

The wind still blows, the breath is still going on,

 The pain is now a habit like it was before.

Left with no choice of my own,

 I sunk everyday in the ocean of my choking tone…

Pretending is my day job now,

Tears are my night time moans.

I fought for a long time.

Fought for my own peace of mind.

Fought with myself and with time, as it heals everything,

I thought it would heal my broken heart & free me from this crime!

The crime I commit every second,

 To love him & lose myself to the man I lost without reason.

Or may be there was a reason, 

That my love was too much to bear, 

And for me, he had none to share.

Don’t be fooled though, I know he cares.

There’s no point, yet, it’s something to despair. 

And so, just like that, I accepted the truth.

The truth, that there’s no un-loving once you fall in love that’s true.

It’s okay. I have accepted that I will remain in love for eternity.

I know how to handle it with tranquility.

I will pretend in the day and face it all at night.

I will think about him in my daydreams and will go on with my life……

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Why It Is Important For Us To Talk Heart To Heart

Remember? The nights of utter silence. The days of extreme presence and the evenings with true stories…. I remember each and every moment, where I lived my 100%, in the moment. I remember them because I WANT TO. Now I don’t get the moments where I don’t THINK! If you’re the same, you know what I am trying to say.

I still remember playing basketball with my best friends. I miss it everyday. I still remember the long walks on rainy days and the loud laughters in between the say! I still find treasure in my memories when I told my best friend that, “Hey! You’re my Best Friend”… And can never forget how she said the same. It was in 11th standard during a free class. It was my first heart to heart with her. I realised how important it has been for me…

I have told the people that I LOVE them so many times, that I am pretty sure they might start doubting that I do! But how it feels after you say it, is like therapy. I understand, sometimes it’s troublesome. Your true emotions are hard to express. That is why you keep them locked inside the chamber of secrets. Yet, there is always a Harry, who’ll open it once he knows the language…! (Potter-heads having an orgasm right now?! You’re welcome.) I had trouble too. I started writing. Blogging. Talking…. Well, I love talking if I want to! Especially when it is heart to heart. Still. I do talk. So, Ask yourselves this, “When was the last time I had an heart to heart conversation with ANYONE for that matter?”! Your answer may lie in that frown you just made! Or may be in the smile of satisfaction! Any which way it is, an heart to heart is important.

Here’s why:

It Keeps You Happier

I don’t need to elaborate on this. You know you feel happier or better whenever you share feelings with someone. it’s a basic human need. That’s why we love! We have companions, friends and family. They make us happy. When you go heart to heart with them, you know they won’t judge you and will accept you as you are. That makes you feel happier. So, go now, talk to someone and tell them whatever it is you want to say. It’s better than wasting it inside yourself!!

It Gives You “Your Tribe”

This one’s also a no brainer. You choose friends, they choose you. The choice isn’t based on any demographics, it is based on the connection. With the heart to heart talks, you find your tribe too. You know the true ones who’ll be there for you no matter what. You can cry in front of them and tell them that you’re hurt and they’ll love you more. You can get drunk with them and they’ll hold you. They accept you and you accept them.

It Keeps You Grounded

Yes, it does. When you talk heart to heart with people, there’s no place for pretending or lies. There’s no room to hold grudges. Whatever is inside your head, you’ve shared it out, which is why you become more understanding of people and their behaviour. You care more and that keeps you honest and grounded.

You Find Yourself

This is the most important outcome of going heart to heart with people. When you share your heart and listen to other’s, you become aware of emotions you weren’t before. You start understanding yourself. You realise the repercussions of all your actions, even before you take them. You analyse things better , your approach to things become more practical. Your EQ (Emotional Quotient) is higher which makes you mature and responsible towards people and yourself. The self-awareness you get makes you serious about the things that YOU want. You find yourself in the process. The greatest gift of an heart to heart is to find ourselves!

The greatest gift of an heart to heart is to find ourselves!

These were some reasons to go heart to heart today. I know there are more. If you find any of yours, please share them in the comments below. If you think people should talk more heart to heart, share this with them.

Thanks for reading. Namaste.