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Understanding A Heartbreak

Disclaimer: All the words written below are the writer’s personal thoughts and experience-based curations. They’re solely aimed towards personal/self-awareness & growth. I have been told that love hurts. That love gives nothing but pain. That love is the antidote of nothing but happiness! I disagree to agree though! I have been in love and it's been… Continue reading Understanding A Heartbreak

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Quote Of The Day

We struggle in search of peace. In hope of happiness and in expectations of paradise, without knowing, we're making other's lives worthwhile! Dedicated to people who are givers of positive vibes. Click.

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You’re My Home!

I miss you so much so,Like I have nowhere to go.In my dreams and daydreams as well,You’re there even when I can’t tell.I have been writing poetry about you,Thinking you’ll leave & the hurt will end too.By the day, it’s getting worse,I can’t lose you, it’s like I have put on a curse!I think I… Continue reading You’re My Home!