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When I say “Unconditional” , it doesn’t mean there are no conditions for how and why I am writing this piece! There are! The condition starts with me trying damn hard to maintain work-passion balance. Another one lies in my coping with NOT wanting to write because I am tired after work! Another one doesn’t have to be relatable to you but it is. Simply because WE as a Human entity cease to exist in a world without conditions. But how do you feel when somethings happen without explanations? Like listening to music while writing is my condition. In fact, listening to music while cooking, eating, travelling, working and living is my ultimate condition! But I can’t explain why is that! Hence, My listening to music is kinda UNCONDITIONAL. I listen music unconditionally, without question!

I, as a Human, depend on conditions but as a being who can FEEL, I become UNCONDITIONAL.

Feeling Innocent:

No, I am not innocent. None are. But don’t you go out in the rain, splash the water, eat street food and ice-cream, laugh out loudest, be yourself-the good the bad! That’s innocence you can’t stay away from. Believe me, that’s UNCONDITIONAL. We‘re unconditionally Yourself.

Feeling Brave:

We’re brave. Accept it or not. We are brave when we fight our battles inside and walk with a smile. We’re brave when we miss someone so damn much but refuse to talk to them because we deserve better than ignorance. We’re brave when we leave the junk and run to get fit and healthy. Yes, we’re brave because we live with our opinions, our values and our beliefs even if the world is against it. Because for us, it’s unconditional. Things that define us have no conditions . We’re unconditionally strong.

Feeling Fake:

Since, we’re talking about unconditionality, it’s important to mention REALITY! We’re all fake, whom are we kidding! We fake smiles, nods, agreements, laughter, compliments, even orgasms! We are corrupt beings. But can you find the reason why? We’re not people pleasers! Some aren’t at least. We don’t care what people think of us, yet we still are fake! It’s another unconditional trait we have! We fake things to avoid stress, fights, arguments, taunts and trolls! We hate to get in trouble, but when we do, we face it till we can’t fake it! We’re unconditionally fake in conditions. It’s our nature. We’re unconditional liars.

Feeling Temporary:

I apologise to all the people with whom I’ve made weekend plans and cancelled at the last moment! What can I say! With the start of the week I am all energised, optimistic and enthusiastic about meeting friends and people and socialising. But as long as the week ends and weekend arrives, my socialising will is diminished to the size of an atom! All this because I feel things temporarily! Don’t you? When you plan for the whole week about being super productive and hitting the gym everyday, eating healthy and staying hydrated but something makes you skip it, or improvise it to less! That feeling temporary is also in our nature. People who say women have extreme mood swings are wrong! We do, but EVERYBODY has mood swings. That’s why our feeling temporary is unconditional. it doesn’t depend on what conditions we live our lives on, what matters is that those conditions are itself temporary. Sometimes we’re unbreakable and sometimes we’re damaged. We’re unconditionally unknown to ourselves.

No I am not going to talk about unconditional love, hate, jealousy , hurt and pain! I am unconditionally tired of talking and writing about it and if you still haven’t understood these emotions then nobody can help you! Not even God! Because GOD doesn’t discriminate between Conditional & Unconditional.

Personal Development, Sarcasm

What It Means To Be Human

Oxford dictionary defines “human” as some words I don’t remember. Same goes with Wikipedia, Webster’s dictionary and so on…

How I define “human” is way different than heavy words and grammatical corrections! It’s more than words. It’s about emotions really and how amazingly we can channel each emotion to create something extraordinary.

To Be Human, is to feel the Extraordinary.

“Feel the Extraordinary”…. 

We as humans can feel the things beyond our imagination. We can feel unconditional emotions! Like Empathy, Compassion, Love, Kindness and so much more! And that too, for total strangers!

But we limit ourselves! We don’t use the “Human Superpower” to the fullest!

We are contained within the things we’ve been taught by our mentors or friends!

We desire for more and more but for materialism.

What will happen if we start to desire for more emotions to flow inside us? Of course you do !

But the wrong ones!

We tend to desire the negative emotions more than the positives. Hence, the violance, hatred, crimes and destruction! Now don’t tell me it is to balance things out! No amount of negativity is to balance or for good!

Yes yes! I know! Humans are of different perspectives and have different types of backgrounds, hence the negativity! But can’t we change it!?

Just imagine a life, where the only negativity you face is the office politics!

Initially, it will be suffocating and annoying! Like, why is everyone so nice!? Then, you’ll doubt everyone’s move, like what do they want from you , why are they being so nice!!?

Isn’t this what happens today?

The real, genuinely nice people are suffering the doubts of ‘to be nice humans’ …

Their desire to “Feel the Extraordinary” is diminished to anxiety and loneliness!

Hence, they start feeling the negativity more than anyone!

But if only we could be more UNDERSTANDING!!

If only we could “Understand the Impossible!”

To Be Human, is to understand the impossible.

I mention “impossible” because if we can assume the worst case scenarios in everything, we can as well understand the impossible!

If we could understand someone being rude, that they might be having a rough day or a rough patch personally!

If we could understand if someone is hating us, it doesn’t mean they really hate us! But that’s the only feeling they know!

If we could understand, why someone is talking bad things about us, that may be they admire us secretly but they’re habitual to stay on top! And it’s okay!

If we could understand, that violance is not the way, that hatred can ruin us in return, we would have been more peaceful!

I know, there’s no way, we can always understand the impossible, but we can try and ignore it for once. Take a stand for ourselves sometimes, but keeping yourself sane at times of crisis is far more a power than indulging with people who won’t even listen!


But ,what it means to be human?

And who am I to tell you that!?

Well, I am a human and to be human, is to support other beings in existence and in surviving. In fighting and in thriving. In struggling and in growing. In losing and in winning. 

To be Human, is to be Human in EVERY situation. 


Don’t Produce Kids

I am not asking you to not have sex. Let’s be clear. Do whatever you want to. People are doing what they want anyway! But please use protection. It’s definitely the most important resource right now. With everything happening around us, it’s important not to make any further mistakes! We’ve already committed plenty.

The people who are getting married or planning a family, guys please think about it!!!! Do you REALLY want another ranting human being? That kid would rant more than we do! Especially for cleaner air to breathe, water to drink and playfields!!! That kid would have more social media accounts than the number of teeth! 

You want a kid? Adopt One! There are so many kids surviving without a family! Give them one. May be they’ll survive better.

Truth is, what have we achieved being born?!! We are the pawns of time! Moreover, Pawns of the system!

We choose leaders who are here to fulfill their intentions. 

We choose lovers who cheat on us.

We choose jobs that we don’t really fit in.

We choose expenses that we really can’t afford! 

We CHOOSE our lives. 

Yet, we blame it on life.

Who do you think will face the consequences of OUR choice? Us? No. Not at all. We’ll be long gone, struggled, survived, fought and won may be!

But the next generations will thank you ????

For pollution.

For debts.

For laws that doesn’t make any sense.

For poverty that really doesn’t go away!

For resources that won’t exist anymore!

For climate change.

For global warming.

For being born under such drastic circumstances, even when we knew what was coming!!!

Keeping aside the people who’re doing SOMETHING to attain the resources and rights back, trying to bring in the change we ALL want and NEED, what are the rest of us doing?

We are creating humans to LIVE IN THE WORLD THAT WE DIDN’T HELP BUILD!!!! 

YES. You did nothing!! You just stood there,watching  and wasting all the resources!

These people may not even read this!! But if you know anyone who’s wasting stuff, share this with them! And if you’re the one who’s trying to save it, THANKYOU. Keep it up. But still, DON’T PRODUCE KIDS.


It all sounds so negative and demotivating right?

Well, that’s not intended.

It’s just the bitter truth!

Think it this way! This is a very crucial time for economy.

We’re all managing finances somehow. Fulfilling our needs via EMIs and savings.

A kid’s expenses are twice or thrice of your monthly income! Plus the stress and anxiety. Your freedom will go away. No more hanging out with buddies and no more vacations with friends!



If you still want kids, then you should become a good no no, a better human being altogether. Else, the next generation will dance on your head without a question and then it’ll be too late. You’d wish, if they were never born or if there’s a chance the world can end soon!!!

Oh wait! Is That what you’re contributing for??!!!!


Now I get it!!!!!


Okay! My bad. Keep going.