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Understanding A Heartbreak

Disclaimer: All the words written below are the writer’s personal thoughts and experience-based curations. They’re solely aimed towards personal/self-awareness & growth. I have been told that love hurts. That love gives nothing but pain. That love is the antidote of nothing but happiness! I disagree to agree though! I have been in love and it's been… Continue reading Understanding A Heartbreak

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Love, Pride & Ego.

I saw it. The way you looked at her. I knew it. You would never look at me that way.It took a while to let that sink in. Now it has. Let’s get to reality, shall we.I won’t like your pictures anymore.Not even if you still look the most handsome man.I won’t click on your name and… Continue reading Love, Pride & Ego.

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You’re not the ONE!

A POEM. Your hopeless hope ,Told me today, that you’re a foe.You don’t care now I know,I am angry & sad,Not at you but on myself.I believed you’re my love,I just realised you’re not the one.Love shouldn’t hurt like this,Lovers are partners & not strangers that we know!I hate to admit, I was wrong.I took… Continue reading You’re not the ONE!

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I Still Wait For You.

A POEM. The world have begun to end,I still wait for you. Again.Still. My heart & my soul,You don’t show up anymore.I won’t move ahead until you do,Without your heart, my heart remains in two.I forget everyday what you said.I only care about myself.I love you for who you’ve been,You don’t love me for even… Continue reading I Still Wait For You.

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My Lost Love

Do you still miss me? He asked me in a dream. I couldn’t say no.  Because I missed him more than I missed me. He left without the love I have in my heart. That love still rots with my soul.  It feels fresh but rots like it’s old. The wind still blows, the breath is still going on,  The pain is… Continue reading My Lost Love