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Thought Of The Day

Toxicity is like burning in hell. Yet, we burn alone as well. But what about burning with someone who isn't right for you? Click.

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Creativity Is Addictive

Addictions aren't good. Is this one? Disclaimer: Everything written below is the writer’s thoughts and observation-based curations. “Your brain wants you to give up now, so that you can be limitless again tomorrow!” Addiction isn’t good. There are many things we can be addicted to, I am sure you’re aware of many. But creativity is… Continue reading Creativity Is Addictive

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How Anxiety Attacks | A Self Portrait Series

Anxiety is real and there's no escaping it once it hits you.Some people are aware and some are just confused.Mental Health should be talked more often.The experiences should be shared in different ways. Because nobody is alone in this. Especially in this time, where we're struggling in one way or the other. Talking about it… Continue reading How Anxiety Attacks | A Self Portrait Series

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Daydreams & Us

Sometimes I open my laptop and start typing. Words just come in like how in a factory, products are being packed one by one! Yet, some other times, I struggle to put my thoughts into words like I've forgotten the recipe! Oh please! It is hard to find ideas to write on or create something… Continue reading Daydreams & Us

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Why It Is Important For Us To Talk Heart To Heart

Remember? The nights of utter silence. The days of extreme presence and the evenings with true stories.... I remember each and every moment, where I lived my 100%, in the moment. I remember them because I WANT TO. Now I don't get the moments where I don't THINK! If you're the same, you know what… Continue reading Why It Is Important For Us To Talk Heart To Heart

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How Anxiety Helps With Productivity

Anxiety has two sides. A black and a white. But only an artist sees the grey area in the middle which is a treasure for creativity. Still, as easy as it sounds, it’s hard to channelise negativity for productivity. You have to master it at will and with self-control. Whenever anxiety creeps in, our brain… Continue reading How Anxiety Helps With Productivity

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When I say "Unconditional" , it doesn't mean there are no conditions for how and why I am writing this piece! There are! The condition starts with me trying damn hard to maintain work-passion balance. Another one lies in my coping with NOT wanting to write because I am tired after work! Another one doesn't… Continue reading UNCONDITIONAL