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Thought Of The Day

Toxicity is like burning in hell. Yet, we burn alone as well. But what about burning with someone who isn't right for you? Click.

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Quote Of The Day

We struggle in search of peace. In hope of happiness and in expectations of paradise, without knowing, we're making other's lives worthwhile! Dedicated to people who are givers of positive vibes. Click.

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Adult Tantrums & How To Deal With Them

The Reasons & Types of Adult Tantrums We Must Know. Disclaimer: All the words written below are the writer’s personal thoughts, researched and experience-based curations. They’re solely aimed towards personal/self-awareness & growth. Being in the early 20s, as much I dread adulting, there are some things I am happy I don’t do that the people of… Continue reading Adult Tantrums & How To Deal With Them

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You’re My Home!

I miss you so much so,Like I have nowhere to go.In my dreams and daydreams as well,You’re there even when I can’t tell.I have been writing poetry about you,Thinking you’ll leave & the hurt will end too.By the day, it’s getting worse,I can’t lose you, it’s like I have put on a curse!I think I… Continue reading You’re My Home!

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A Major Writer’s Block

And how to deal with it. Dread it. Run from it. Writer’s Block arrives anyway!! Believe it or not, I am writing this out of writer’s block! I think there’s a different definition for everyone. For me, writer’s block means a state where I want to write, I have things to write about but I don’t feel… Continue reading A Major Writer’s Block