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20 Reasons Why Writing Isn’t As Easy As It Looks!

Believe it or not, people think writing is easy and anyone can be a writer. Well, yes anyone CAN be a writer, as long as they’re willing to give up certain things for it! I never thought I’d call myself a writer & to be honest, I have my doubts even today! I have realised some things that makes writing one of the toughest creative jobs! Although, creativity is tough as it is. Yet, I’ll speak only for myself today! Writing isn’t a piece of cake!

I haven’t found my writing voice yet. I don’t know what works best for me & I have no idea when I’ll follow just ONE genre to write about! As of now, I write what I am feeling! May be that’s my writing voice, PERSONAL.

The Most Personal Is The Most Creative.

– Martin Scorsese

Not every writer struggle with that though. Some of them are straight forward and damn clear about what they will write about. They don’t have to wander in the creative realm for different topics. They find their creative topics within their genre, because they know where to look & how! Well, I adore all of them! And the ones like me, who are clueless & write about WHATEVER, I understand. You’re not alone. The writers I am talking about are the emotional ones, for whom writing is their passion, not the ones who’re selling writing courses on their websites! Those aren’t writers, those are marketers.

However, the WRITERS, who have a clear head and the ones who’re clueless, have something in common. They’re WRITERS. As a writer, you have insecurities & doubts. You know it if you’re a writer, that you struggle everyday. It isn’t easy and it won’t be. EVER.

20 Reasons Why Writing Is Frightening:

#1 Writer’s Block. Already scary, isn’t it! I have this almost every month!! Running out of words, will & intention to write anymore!!

#2 Creative Block. Similar to #1 but not exactly that. It’s about running out of topics to write about. Especially, if you’re into “I want to write something different” thing!

#3 Exhaustion. I won’t say writers are untouchable to exhaustion! Even the most passionate ones get exhausted once in a while! And just like every other creative person, we take a break and recharge our brain.

#4 Fear. You can be the most fearless person in the room, yet right before you hit publish for a blog post or a book, you’ll be anxious. After hitting publish, you’ll be in fear of non-acceptance. Your words matter to you, but will they matter to your audience?!

#5 Expectations. Expectations to over do our previous write-ups, previous books or previous hits! Expectations that with each post, you become a better writer, even if nobody tells you so. For a writer, expectations to be better than your yesterday self are so high, that sometimes we forget that the reality will always belong to us anyway!

#6 Statistics. For a writer, stats is like sugar addiction! You know it’s going to harm you, yet you consume it everyday. Even multiple times a day! How many hits my blog got, how many people liked my post, how many people visited my site! And don’t get me started with a book statistics! If you’ve published a book, you know it!

#7 Authenticity. The most fearful times for writers are the question of authenticity. Plagiarism is a BIGGEST BANE in writing community. First of all, if you copy someone else’s work and DON’T give them credit, STOP CALLING YOURSELF A WRITER. You’ll never be one. All a writer ever wants, is for people to respect his/her words and appreciate the effort he/she has put in to write something! Any article we write is like our baby! So please love it and respect the effort!

#8 Competition. Writing is the most competitive form of work. Someone had to say it, and I am not afraid to. If you’re a writer, you have to face and accept the fact that there is immense competition in the industry. Almost, everyone’s trying to be a blogger, a creator, a writer, an author and on top of that, they may be doing it better than you. As much as internet has helped everyone to showcase their talents, it has also cluttered the way to be on top!

#9 Multi-Tasking. Writing is not just one job. You have to be a writer, a marketer, a social media manager, basically an expert of the online world to promote your brand and words to as many people as possible. Thankfully, writing community is extremely supportive of each other.

#10 Currency. Writing doesn’t pay unless you spend some of money to be seen and heard in the crowd! Ads, Domains, Website services, Promotions, Book publishing !! All of this happens BEFORE we start earning a single penny, which by the way, is not sure to be within your pocket anytime soon! It takes months or years even!

#11 Vulnerability. A writer is vulnerable when he/she writes about personal experiences. As I mentioned earlier, My writing voice is PERSONAL. The most personal is the most creative but it has its downside. It’s hard to show your inner-most feelings to the world and not get judged! Yet, a good writer knows how to portray it in a decent way, but a great writer – Just Doesn’t Care. A Great Writer knows the value of true & authentic self portrayal.

#12 Joblessness. If you’ve opted writing as your full-time job, for others, its not really a job. People think you don’t have a source of income and you’re wasting your time on this writing bit, because there’s so much competition already! How’re you ever going to beat that! It can make a writer discouraged and demotivated. But we keep going, because it’s what we want to do and we believe in ourselves. We won’t stop until we make it work.

#13 Mental Health. Writers read A LOT! Other writer’s content, topics that interests us, research that can help with their own work, books. Writer’s also READ BETWEEN THE LINES. Most of the writers are empathetic and compassionate. They share their feelings on their blog and the deepest feelings in a diary, and so, they have hard time sharing in real life. They listen to others and all of this listening, reading, not sharing takes a toll on their mental health- on a daily basis.

#14 Consistency. A continuous pressure cooker!! To write more, if possible, everyday. If not, then thrice a week. To keep posting ANYTHING so that people don’t forget about the blog ! To keep up with the competitors, because they write EVERYDAY!! Well, Brutus not everyone can write everyday!

#15 Social-Life. When you become a writer, you naturally tend to cut off with people because of your schedules and lack of time! NO! The truth is not that. A writer is socially off, even when he/she is with people, because they’re making notes in the head about what they’re going to write next which is inspired from this very event. They’re so into it, that they don’t enjoy much or even gel well with others. Their brain is running at 125kmh! So, they have fewer friends and they zone out more often. They’re basically introverts of the creative world!

#16 Opacity. A writer wants to be transparent but it’s quite not possible for them to be it! They’re naturally opaque. They will not show their true selves to anyone, because their true self reflects in their words and in real-life, they are NOT their words. Because the words are the safer space for a writer to be him/herself. Their writings are transparent but their lives are opaque.

#17 Distractions. Just like now, I typed this heading and started using Instagram ! Social media distractions are the worst. But they’re with everyone. A writer is distracted with anything! A writer needs a personal space, a quite environment and some alone time to write the best. Otherwise, It just blows off well!

#18 Romance. No, romance is not a distraction for a writer. But the problem is, romance is basically content. Not everyone supports that. So if you ever commit to a writer, be prepared to be the show stopper! Most writers write about their personal experiences, that includes love- BIG TIME. Either you can support that, or get annoyed! Sorry, can’t help it!

#19 Giving Up. Not on writing, NO! Giving up on some other things they love doing. Because if our minds are into multiple things, we’ll probably blow it off with everything we do. So, if want to write, you have to give up on your other passions! Not that you can’t practice them once in a while. You have to, its rejuvenating. But work on one thing and let go of the rest! It’s really hard though.

#20 Self-Doubt. Writers have self-doubts regarding everything. Every word they write, every step they take forward, every book they publish, every feedback they get, everyday when words don’t visit, every time someone says “get a job”, every now & then, a writer doubts him/herself, if he/she’s doing the right thing! If he/she’ll ever get where they’ve aimed or more! But what keeps them going, is the one thing they started for – They Love To Write.

While writing the start of this post, I didn’t have a writing voice. Now, I do. Like I said, My writing voice is personal. I found it while writing this personal article, to share it with whomever needs to know it! Writing isn’t as easy, as it looks. If you still want to keep writing, then never stop, because you love it too much to give up.

Thanks for reading. Namaste.

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I Am Tired Of The Motivation Hustle!

Everyone is racing over the Self Growth content!

Photo by Luis Villasmil on Unsplash

It sounds cynical, I know. But aren’t you tired? Do this for success ; Do that for money ; Hustle & work hard to fulfil your goals & so on! 

How about Do this & stop worrying about success ; Do that so that you know that money is a secondary wealth ; hustle & work hard but remember to take a break to enjoy the view!!

Everywhere I go online, most of the content is based on self improvement & personal growth in life! I know it sells! Even if we don’t follow it, we still give it a read because it’s the kind of content people just can’t ignore. It’s like dessert after a meal. You know you’re full, you don’t need the dessert, but you taste it anyway! Regret is left for later. After we read & watch all those “productivity hacks” content, we regret we aren’t doing enough! The ones that ARE doing a lot start doubting themselves. I know I do!

What are these type of content really trying?

Do they want to inspire us or challenge us that we can or can’t do something?

But then again, not everyone is that much egoistic to take the challenge so seriously! Only some do, and their battle begins! Not with the challenger, but with their heads. They force themselves beyond their comfort zones, to level up the process of success! Some give up, some reach their highest selves. I am proud of BOTH. The ones who give up, not necessarily give up because they’re incapable, but because things just didn’t workout for them and their luck was not that supportive. The ones who do reach their goals were so into it that they had no self doubt and their luck was inclined with their efforts. Things worked out well for the latter.

This doesn’t mean we will make the ones left behind, feel bad!!! Sometimes it’s not their fault that they didn’t make it to the finish line. By creating over-motivating hustle-bustle content, we’re affirming them their failure. We’re telling them they should have gone all the way, even when it was impossible to! But what do we know about their background, families or mental state? Are we sure, they GAVE UP? Just like that? 

“Our purpose is to love, be kind to each other & support each other.”

I know, I sound so negative & against the motivational content!! But I am not any of those things. I consume such content myself. I like how when I have nothing else to do, I turn to the self-growth practices that help me for the better. But, everything has its limits. 

The people creating amazing content that’s relatable and the ones that are motivating, both have their values in a consumer’s mind. There is a right time for both of it. I am ranting about TOO MUCH of it because may be, in this lockdown, all of us are inside and trapped in our heads. We’re consuming content that is forcing us to — workout, hustle, be creative, cook, learn, earn, grow & what not! All this creates a psychological reaction in our heads that we too, should motivate people because we are now, motivated. The result is, the internet is bombarded with all this ‘how to’,’what to’, ‘why to’ stuff!!

Our purpose is to love, be kind to each other & support each other. That’s what I am trying to say. EVERYBODY is a motivator, but all I want to be is an ENCOURAGER. Today, I want to encourage myself and all the people who feel that ‘not being good enough’ is the reason they don’t GET things!! NO. It’s not the reason. Sometimes ‘You’re the best’ but its just, you aren’t the RIGHT one! Be it our career or our relationships. It’s okay. Take a deep breathe and take a break. YOU ARE ENOUGH. 

WE ARE ENOUGH. Let’s take a break & chill. 

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The Only Thursday Tactic You Should Apply

Tactics as per the term are the strategies that we can apply in our lives to be stronger- mentally, Physically & Emotionally.

But honestly, I am fed up. Fed up of the self help stuff. Fed up on working on myself each day and writing about it. Sometimes you need a break.

My Thursday Tactic is – Take A Break.

I can tell you to do several things to be your best self, I have, many times, but you can find so many articles and blogs for self growth, personal development, life lessons and what not! But only few will tell you the truth!

I am here, to write the truth that I am feeling and not pretend to be something I am not. So today I am feeling what I feel most of the times – CLUELESS.

I am clueless about the future and the present. I am clueless why I am so anxious and lost all the time. I am clueless why I am forcing myself to write everyday when I really don’t want to. I am clueless, why I procrastinate more and work less! I am clueless, why the hell, I JUST DON’T GIVE MYSELF A BREAK!!!!

“I define intelligent as being yourself.”

Here’s the clue. I am taking this break today. Not wanting to sound intelligent everyday, because I actually am clueless what intelligent even means anymore!

I define intelligent as being yourself. So, I am intelligent I guess. I started this weekday wonders series without a motive ( clueless writer) and for the first three days, I found a motive of learning things we haven’t so far! I pretty much succeeded in writing more than what I desired. Today, I wanted to write something about Thursday and Tactics. But I am not going to. Because Today, I feel the only tactic I want to share and apply is, “Give Yourself A Break”.

So, Take a break. Treat yourself. Love Yourself.

Thanks for reading.


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How To Be Unhappy

A detailed guide with 5 proven scientific theories and facts!

Unhappiness is the reason for our meaningful existence. It is the addiction of the hour. If you’re not unhappy once in a while, are you even living right? Yes, you! You need to ask yourself today, “Am I unhappy enough?, What will people think if I am only happy!? Like I have reasons to be happy? Won’t they judge me for not having to struggle with anxiety, fear, toxic relationships? What should I be doing to be unhappier?”……

Your problem has a tarunified solution. Intrigued enough ? Enlightening you today with some on-point, experienced, well researched, tried & tested methods to be unhappy.

1. The Overthink-Tank

This method was developed 2,000 years ago (supposedly) by a Russian Psychologist named Taakldjdskfs Rukewgfjbsdov. (Yeah, I can’t pronounce it either. It’s like somebody just typed random alphabets! Poor kid!) The Overthink-Tank was created by keeping the heart, soul, body, mind and spirit of human being together, to be controlled all at once by a magical tool called Assumption. This tool is used in different forms in various subjects like mathematics, physics, literature & life. Mr. Rukewgfjbsdov used it in Life, as mathematics, physics and literature weren’t difficult enough for him to challenge his intelligence! So what he did was to sit still in isolation, in dark mostly and analyse a situation that had happened 5 years ago in his life and think about it over and over and over until he start doubting everything about himself.

There is another way he mentioned where the tool of assumption works best in the overthink tank – It is to think about a situation in your life right now, take any scenario and assume the worst out of it (it can be future or present, but won’t work on past case scenarios, past is useless in the overthink tank. Future is proven to be the best). So once you’ve assumed the best, worst case scenario, you have entered the overthink tank. You won’t want to come out of it once you enjoy the unhappiness it causes.

2. The Dream-Destruction Theory

This sounds destructive (because it is called that! jeeezz!). The dream-destruction theory was developed by someone we don’t know, but, it states that, “Any person who has dreams shall not follow them until that person is stuck doing something they don’t want to do.” Moreover, the kid wanted to say, DON’T FOLLOW YOUR HEART. FOLLOW YOUR PARENTS/FRIENDS. Basically, become a sheep.

This theory can be practised in various forms, but it should start on early in life. The reasons you can take to follow this theory can be – Not having enough skills, not having money, parents not supporting you, procrastinating, not working hard enough and so on. These reasons are scientifically proven to destruct any dream goal you have. Another way to attain unhappiness!!

3. The ‘Giving-A-Damn’ Potion

There was once this lady in around the 1400s and she was the spy of the neighbourhood. One day, she met another lady and they met a man and they all met another man and they formed a gang and called themselves, “4 Log” (4 People)…. Hence, started the wrath of the 4 log gang everywhere!!! Parents used their name to scare their children, Teenagers committed suicide in their name, women sacrificed and tolerated worst things for their sake. They became a Legend. People started following them like blind. But what was the secret? How so quickly, they became gods to their fellow humans?

It was “The Giving-A-Damn” Potion. the 4 log gang created a potion mixing up ingredients like – gossip, hatred, jealousy, negative vibes, envy and made people drink it…….. Rest. Is. History. You can find that potion anywhere these days, it’s an accessible and extremely effective method to be unhappy.

4. The Drama Leaks Summit

The Drama Leaks Summit happens in every few months with people having maximum number of gossips and toxic people in life. In the summit, all the gossip kings and queens get together and surround the person with “who’s who/what” proposals. The person then looks for reasons in the proposal to be coming to this summit. Until the person finds none, the drama leaks summit goes on and the person remains stuck with drama and negativity, resulting in unhappiness. Science has proven this summit to be one of the most impactful event to be unhappy.

5. The Validation Task Force

The Validation Task Force, by the name of it, is the force that thrives inside us for approval of or by others. This task force gets into action every time we post something online or spend thousands on our appearances (for people who only care about themselves). The validation and approvals of strangers, friends, family or even a man who is already too-into-his-looks or a woman who posts-pictures-where-she-looks-the-best, are utter importance for this task force’s existence. Thus, resulting in fear, self-hate, more money spent and mental health issues, a.k.a. Unhappiness.

Here were the TOP 5 methods to be unhappy. You can share more in the comment section or email me.

P.S. The post is the writer’s imagination and has no real life significance whatsoever. If you somehow relate to it, well that’s on you.

Thanks for reading. Namaste.

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The Homophobic State!

We are well aware of the fact that India is a homophobic country. As much as the millennials are cool and okay about all the NEW THINGS happening around us, we couldn’t care less of the fact that our elders or should I say our parents have problems with pretty much EVERYTHING this generation is doing!
The sad part is that THAT generation probably won’t read this but whatever. I have to address this anyway because I should!
I wrote this piece a week ago and it got deleted somehow. It was a good piece for me but since then, I haven’t had peace regarding this. I was going to write something else, but now I have seen certain angles to it!
I watched Miss Americana on Netflix which is a documentary on Taylor Swift and how she emerged from a calculated interviewer to an opinionated woman! It moved me because she mentions the burden of not speaking up and regretting it now! She decides to voice her views and contributed to over 50 thousand new voter’s registrations in the assembly elections! That’s what a VOICE is capable of! She also mentions that America is a homophobic state as well! But, like India, they aren’t afraid.

I normally don’t write on societal errors but just after the release of Shubh Mangal Zaada Saavdhan’s trailer, which is a gay love story, a friend texted me asking what did I think of it!  We talked about it a bit and she told that one of her colleagues reacted in an unexpected way saying “they’re ruining the society”…(being of almost same age as hers, especially talking about the kissing scene in the film- two men kissing)…We abused him a bit and laughed it off how backward and narrow-minded that person must be! But was it his fault?

I mean here we are, the straight men, trying to survive and thrive in a WOMEN’S world! We have responsibilities, pressure of performance IN EVERY ASPECT OF OUR LIVES and here they intervene!!! These inappropriate people with their inappropriate behaviour! I want WOMEN, NOT YOU!! This DISEASE is gone too far now!!!

Hey, I get it men! I agree.. you’ve suffered more than anyone! The fight for equality was with you, the fight for domestic violence and every other crime against women was with you, the fight for freedom was with you!!! But this isn’t with you. 
Nobody’s blaming nobody.
Men, women, queer, all of us are fighting for SOMETHING.
Men fighting to stay sane in a mad world.
Women fighting for equality, since like, forever… But this fight is now have become easier, THANKS TO SOME MEN who understand.
Queer is fighting for HUMAN RIGHTS… THE BASIC ONES.
AND NOW THAT THEY HAVE SOME, people aren’t able accept it!
America being one of the most educated and advanced nation is homophobic, how can we expect INDIA to understand just like that!! We can’t!
But the good news is, India has the largest number of youth in the world and this youth is NOT Uninformed or Uneducated. We are nothing like our elders and it’s the advantage of the future. 
It’s okay if some of the present is homophobic, you can’t change that because they’re built that way, so stop trying to make them understand, but start try to make them accept as it is! 
The difference between this generation and the previous one is that we’re ACCEPTABLE OF EVERYTHING. We don’t flinch on two men kissing. We don’t feel it’s ruining the society. We think it’s beautiful that everyone has the freedom to love whomever they love. Because we fight peacefully, we argue with logics and we strive for information that is authentic. For us, THE HOMOPHOBIC STATE IS HISTORY. Hence, the problem has been solved.
If you still want to make the present and past understand and accept queer love, then do an experiment with elders in your family.
Even if you’re a straight man/woman, tell your parents/elders that you’re gay. See their reaction, explain to them what it means, educate them and then tell them you were experimenting on them for their own sake.
They have helped us get education, we can help them too.
Let’s try and get rid of the HOMOPHOBIC STATE.

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When I say “Unconditional” , it doesn’t mean there are no conditions for how and why I am writing this piece! There are! The condition starts with me trying damn hard to maintain work-passion balance. Another one lies in my coping with NOT wanting to write because I am tired after work! Another one doesn’t have to be relatable to you but it is. Simply because WE as a Human entity cease to exist in a world without conditions. But how do you feel when somethings happen without explanations? Like listening to music while writing is my condition. In fact, listening to music while cooking, eating, travelling, working and living is my ultimate condition! But I can’t explain why is that! Hence, My listening to music is kinda UNCONDITIONAL. I listen music unconditionally, without question!

I, as a Human, depend on conditions but as a being who can FEEL, I become UNCONDITIONAL.

Feeling Innocent:

No, I am not innocent. None are. But don’t you go out in the rain, splash the water, eat street food and ice-cream, laugh out loudest, be yourself-the good the bad! That’s innocence you can’t stay away from. Believe me, that’s UNCONDITIONAL. We‘re unconditionally Yourself.

Feeling Brave:

We’re brave. Accept it or not. We are brave when we fight our battles inside and walk with a smile. We’re brave when we miss someone so damn much but refuse to talk to them because we deserve better than ignorance. We’re brave when we leave the junk and run to get fit and healthy. Yes, we’re brave because we live with our opinions, our values and our beliefs even if the world is against it. Because for us, it’s unconditional. Things that define us have no conditions . We’re unconditionally strong.

Feeling Fake:

Since, we’re talking about unconditionality, it’s important to mention REALITY! We’re all fake, whom are we kidding! We fake smiles, nods, agreements, laughter, compliments, even orgasms! We are corrupt beings. But can you find the reason why? We’re not people pleasers! Some aren’t at least. We don’t care what people think of us, yet we still are fake! It’s another unconditional trait we have! We fake things to avoid stress, fights, arguments, taunts and trolls! We hate to get in trouble, but when we do, we face it till we can’t fake it! We’re unconditionally fake in conditions. It’s our nature. We’re unconditional liars.

Feeling Temporary:

I apologise to all the people with whom I’ve made weekend plans and cancelled at the last moment! What can I say! With the start of the week I am all energised, optimistic and enthusiastic about meeting friends and people and socialising. But as long as the week ends and weekend arrives, my socialising will is diminished to the size of an atom! All this because I feel things temporarily! Don’t you? When you plan for the whole week about being super productive and hitting the gym everyday, eating healthy and staying hydrated but something makes you skip it, or improvise it to less! That feeling temporary is also in our nature. People who say women have extreme mood swings are wrong! We do, but EVERYBODY has mood swings. That’s why our feeling temporary is unconditional. it doesn’t depend on what conditions we live our lives on, what matters is that those conditions are itself temporary. Sometimes we’re unbreakable and sometimes we’re damaged. We’re unconditionally unknown to ourselves.

No I am not going to talk about unconditional love, hate, jealousy , hurt and pain! I am unconditionally tired of talking and writing about it and if you still haven’t understood these emotions then nobody can help you! Not even God! Because GOD doesn’t discriminate between Conditional & Unconditional.

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What It Means To Be Human

Oxford dictionary defines “human” as some words I don’t remember. Same goes with Wikipedia, Webster’s dictionary and so on…

How I define “human” is way different than heavy words and grammatical corrections! It’s more than words. It’s about emotions really and how amazingly we can channel each emotion to create something extraordinary.

To Be Human, is to feel the Extraordinary.

“Feel the Extraordinary”…. 

We as humans can feel the things beyond our imagination. We can feel unconditional emotions! Like Empathy, Compassion, Love, Kindness and so much more! And that too, for total strangers!

But we limit ourselves! We don’t use the “Human Superpower” to the fullest!

We are contained within the things we’ve been taught by our mentors or friends!

We desire for more and more but for materialism.

What will happen if we start to desire for more emotions to flow inside us? Of course you do !

But the wrong ones!

We tend to desire the negative emotions more than the positives. Hence, the violance, hatred, crimes and destruction! Now don’t tell me it is to balance things out! No amount of negativity is to balance or for good!

Yes yes! I know! Humans are of different perspectives and have different types of backgrounds, hence the negativity! But can’t we change it!?

Just imagine a life, where the only negativity you face is the office politics!

Initially, it will be suffocating and annoying! Like, why is everyone so nice!? Then, you’ll doubt everyone’s move, like what do they want from you , why are they being so nice!!?

Isn’t this what happens today?

The real, genuinely nice people are suffering the doubts of ‘to be nice humans’ …

Their desire to “Feel the Extraordinary” is diminished to anxiety and loneliness!

Hence, they start feeling the negativity more than anyone!

But if only we could be more UNDERSTANDING!!

If only we could “Understand the Impossible!”

To Be Human, is to understand the impossible.

I mention “impossible” because if we can assume the worst case scenarios in everything, we can as well understand the impossible!

If we could understand someone being rude, that they might be having a rough day or a rough patch personally!

If we could understand if someone is hating us, it doesn’t mean they really hate us! But that’s the only feeling they know!

If we could understand, why someone is talking bad things about us, that may be they admire us secretly but they’re habitual to stay on top! And it’s okay!

If we could understand, that violance is not the way, that hatred can ruin us in return, we would have been more peaceful!

I know, there’s no way, we can always understand the impossible, but we can try and ignore it for once. Take a stand for ourselves sometimes, but keeping yourself sane at times of crisis is far more a power than indulging with people who won’t even listen!


But ,what it means to be human?

And who am I to tell you that!?

Well, I am a human and to be human, is to support other beings in existence and in surviving. In fighting and in thriving. In struggling and in growing. In losing and in winning. 

To be Human, is to be Human in EVERY situation. 


Don’t Produce Kids

I am not asking you to not have sex. Let’s be clear. Do whatever you want to. People are doing what they want anyway! But please use protection. It’s definitely the most important resource right now. With everything happening around us, it’s important not to make any further mistakes! We’ve already committed plenty.

The people who are getting married or planning a family, guys please think about it!!!! Do you REALLY want another ranting human being? That kid would rant more than we do! Especially for cleaner air to breathe, water to drink and playfields!!! That kid would have more social media accounts than the number of teeth! 

You want a kid? Adopt One! There are so many kids surviving without a family! Give them one. May be they’ll survive better.

Truth is, what have we achieved being born?!! We are the pawns of time! Moreover, Pawns of the system!

We choose leaders who are here to fulfill their intentions. 

We choose lovers who cheat on us.

We choose jobs that we don’t really fit in.

We choose expenses that we really can’t afford! 

We CHOOSE our lives. 

Yet, we blame it on life.

Who do you think will face the consequences of OUR choice? Us? No. Not at all. We’ll be long gone, struggled, survived, fought and won may be!

But the next generations will thank you ????

For pollution.

For debts.

For laws that doesn’t make any sense.

For poverty that really doesn’t go away!

For resources that won’t exist anymore!

For climate change.

For global warming.

For being born under such drastic circumstances, even when we knew what was coming!!!

Keeping aside the people who’re doing SOMETHING to attain the resources and rights back, trying to bring in the change we ALL want and NEED, what are the rest of us doing?

We are creating humans to LIVE IN THE WORLD THAT WE DIDN’T HELP BUILD!!!! 

YES. You did nothing!! You just stood there,watching  and wasting all the resources!

These people may not even read this!! But if you know anyone who’s wasting stuff, share this with them! And if you’re the one who’s trying to save it, THANKYOU. Keep it up. But still, DON’T PRODUCE KIDS.


It all sounds so negative and demotivating right?

Well, that’s not intended.

It’s just the bitter truth!

Think it this way! This is a very crucial time for economy.

We’re all managing finances somehow. Fulfilling our needs via EMIs and savings.

A kid’s expenses are twice or thrice of your monthly income! Plus the stress and anxiety. Your freedom will go away. No more hanging out with buddies and no more vacations with friends!



If you still want kids, then you should become a good no no, a better human being altogether. Else, the next generation will dance on your head without a question and then it’ll be too late. You’d wish, if they were never born or if there’s a chance the world can end soon!!!

Oh wait! Is That what you’re contributing for??!!!!


Now I get it!!!!!


Okay! My bad. Keep going.