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It’s Okay.

It really is.

To breakdown once in a while.

To let the world forget your mind.

To hear wrongs & feel trapped.

To love so much & lose yourself.

To cry when no one’s watching.

To have no clue of what’s happening.

To forget why you started IT.

To feel the pain and take it all in.

It’s okay.

To be vulnerable sometimes.

To lose people & to lose your mind.

To hide the hurt & pretend the smile.

To harden your heart , become arrogant with time.

To understand, life isn’t easy for all.

To give it time to turn back & crawl.

To have a heart but still using the brain.

To let it rain as humanity is strange.

To hold hands, just your own.

To be alone & trying to control.

To mourn the loss of who you use to be.

To be weak & accept our destiny.

To realise that everything happens for a reason.

It’s okay. You’ll be happy again.

It’s just another season……….


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