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I See You


There you go,

With your ego.

I see you, every day,

You try to escape.

Yet, I am clever than your head’s gate!

You were there, when I wasn’t playing games,

I saw you, seeing me with your eyes so tame!

Hypnotising! I must say,

Eyes do tell everything you don’t say.

Your pupils stick to my body,

While I was walking away.

It’s not your usual look,

It’s like you could have trapped me in a cage!

I will never forget those eyes of yours!

I think about them everyday!

I wonder, what they wanted to say!

“You’re mine”, or “Go away”?

Look was as if, it could mean in two ways!

History tells me, it’s the latter I must believe,

yet, With the former, I went all hay!

I close my eyes & I see you,

With your inciting gaze!!

I wonder if I choose the former,

Would you grab me by my waist?

Or push me away, like always?

Who can say, it’s all in the brain.

Yet, I see you everyday,

With your inciting gaze!!

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