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I Am Tired Of The Motivation Hustle!

Everyone is racing over the Self Growth content!

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It sounds cynical, I know. But aren’t you tired? Do this for success ; Do that for money ; Hustle & work hard to fulfil your goals & so on! 

How about Do this & stop worrying about success ; Do that so that you know that money is a secondary wealth ; hustle & work hard but remember to take a break to enjoy the view!!

Everywhere I go online, most of the content is based on self improvement & personal growth in life! I know it sells! Even if we don’t follow it, we still give it a read because it’s the kind of content people just can’t ignore. It’s like dessert after a meal. You know you’re full, you don’t need the dessert, but you taste it anyway! Regret is left for later. After we read & watch all those “productivity hacks” content, we regret we aren’t doing enough! The ones that ARE doing a lot start doubting themselves. I know I do!

What are these type of content really trying?

Do they want to inspire us or challenge us that we can or can’t do something?

But then again, not everyone is that much egoistic to take the challenge so seriously! Only some do, and their battle begins! Not with the challenger, but with their heads. They force themselves beyond their comfort zones, to level up the process of success! Some give up, some reach their highest selves. I am proud of BOTH. The ones who give up, not necessarily give up because they’re incapable, but because things just didn’t workout for them and their luck was not that supportive. The ones who do reach their goals were so into it that they had no self doubt and their luck was inclined with their efforts. Things worked out well for the latter.

This doesn’t mean we will make the ones left behind, feel bad!!! Sometimes it’s not their fault that they didn’t make it to the finish line. By creating over-motivating hustle-bustle content, we’re affirming them their failure. We’re telling them they should have gone all the way, even when it was impossible to! But what do we know about their background, families or mental state? Are we sure, they GAVE UP? Just like that? 

“Our purpose is to love, be kind to each other & support each other.”

I know, I sound so negative & against the motivational content!! But I am not any of those things. I consume such content myself. I like how when I have nothing else to do, I turn to the self-growth practices that help me for the better. But, everything has its limits. 

The people creating amazing content that’s relatable and the ones that are motivating, both have their values in a consumer’s mind. There is a right time for both of it. I am ranting about TOO MUCH of it because may be, in this lockdown, all of us are inside and trapped in our heads. We’re consuming content that is forcing us to — workout, hustle, be creative, cook, learn, earn, grow & what not! All this creates a psychological reaction in our heads that we too, should motivate people because we are now, motivated. The result is, the internet is bombarded with all this ‘how to’,’what to’, ‘why to’ stuff!!

Our purpose is to love, be kind to each other & support each other. That’s what I am trying to say. EVERYBODY is a motivator, but all I want to be is an ENCOURAGER. Today, I want to encourage myself and all the people who feel that ‘not being good enough’ is the reason they don’t GET things!! NO. It’s not the reason. Sometimes ‘You’re the best’ but its just, you aren’t the RIGHT one! Be it our career or our relationships. It’s okay. Take a deep breathe and take a break. YOU ARE ENOUGH. 

WE ARE ENOUGH. Let’s take a break & chill. 

3 thoughts on “I Am Tired Of The Motivation Hustle!”

  1. 😅😅not everyone can need the same content😃

    Some people know what to do. But they need to know what people that have been in their shoes did.

    They buy those books and read those contents, not because they just want to feel motivated, but because they want to relate to its content and take the actions that people similar in their situations took.

    “How to make money 2020” “how to be a millionaire by marketing” “how to be a successful bloggers and what they do” …..etc. All these things are surely scattered on the internet. Even people that aren’t millionaires will still make a “how to be a millionaire” book.

    As people, we must know what we want. What we need. And we should only read and follow the things that will bring us to our goals.

    So if you are a blogger, why would you read a “how to be a millionaire” article? Why don’t you go for the “How to write engaging contents for your blog” article?

    We know what we want. You know what you want. I know what I want.
    We are specific. We want to build a success on a particular thing. (Marketing, blogging, fashion, education, etc) so we must only read articles and self help books specifically meant for our MAIN purpose.

    That way, we won’t give up or feel we didn’t learn anything. Instead, We would be happy that we are closer to achieving our goals

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