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I Still Wait For You.


The world have begun to end,

I still wait for you. Again.

Still. My heart & my soul,

You don’t show up anymore.

I won’t move ahead until you do,

Without your heart, my heart remains in two.

I forget everyday what you said.

I only care about myself.

I love you for who you’ve been,

You don’t love me for even my possibilities!

I don’t care about that either.

I care about you & I being together.

Sometimes, I want to snatch you away,

Even if you want it or not.

I want to keep you safe, just in my arms.

Even if you beg, cry and plead for freedom,

I feel like I won’t let you go,

Not until you give me all of YOU.

Okay, Let’s be real now,

I am not going to do anything like that! Wow!!

You really thought my love is so cynical & wrong?

I love you now and will love you forever,

Yet, I love myself & I understand how life goes.

I am saddened by the thought of you not loving me,

But I still wait for you because of the “What if” & “May Be”……

Taruni Sharma is a content creator in the entertainment field. She is a writer & being interested in human psychology & life’s philosophy (& because of being too emotional), she loves writing poetry & prose about love, life, self & personal development. Stay in touch by following her Blog, Instagram, Twitter, Spotify Podcast, Linkedin, Youtube & Quora.

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