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My Lost Love

Do you still miss me?

He asked me in a dream. I couldn’t say no. 

Because I missed him more than I missed me.

He left without the love I have in my heart.

That love still rots with my soul. 

It feels fresh but rots like it’s old.

The wind still blows, the breath is still going on,

 The pain is now a habit like it was before.

Left with no choice of my own,

 I sunk everyday in the ocean of my choking tone…

Pretending is my day job now,

Tears are my night time moans.

I fought for a long time.

Fought for my own peace of mind.

Fought with myself and with time, as it heals everything,

I thought it would heal my broken heart & free me from this crime!

The crime I commit every second,

 To love him & lose myself to the man I lost without reason.

Or may be there was a reason, 

That my love was too much to bear, 

And for me, he had none to share.

Don’t be fooled though, I know he cares.

There’s no point, yet, it’s something to despair. 

And so, just like that, I accepted the truth.

The truth, that there’s no un-loving once you fall in love that’s true.

It’s okay. I have accepted that I will remain in love for eternity.

I know how to handle it with tranquility.

I will pretend in the day and face it all at night.

I will think about him in my daydreams and will go on with my life……

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