Love, Relationships

The Longing In Vain

I longed him like the tree longs for rain.
I desired his touch as if it could heal the pain
Although, he never touched me for real,
But that wasn’t needed to love him,
He touched my soul in an old fashioned way.

Years after months after days after hours,
Still, my hope was as rigid as the spring flower’s…
Hope that one day this longing will end.
May be someday, he’ll hold my hand.
But who could tell what was going to mend,
After all, life happens while we’re busy making other plans….

I thought I could wait forever and
One day, this dream will triumph.
So naive & broken, my mind said the truth and the heart remained entwined..

I wish I had never known him,
Least I could do now, is to tell myself that I lied…
No, it wasn’t meant to be,
No, it’s not the end of time ..

I know he is a man, but he was different than the pretentious ones….
Let him go, I tell myself everyday.
Love is just cliche in everyway.

I can tell myself as many lies in vain,
The truth will remain,
That I longed him like the tree longs for rain…

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