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The Homophobic State!

We are well aware of the fact that India is a homophobic country. As much as the millennials are cool and okay about all the NEW THINGS happening around us, we couldn’t care less of the fact that our elders or should I say our parents have problems with pretty much EVERYTHING this generation is doing!
The sad part is that THAT generation probably won’t read this but whatever. I have to address this anyway because I should!
I wrote this piece a week ago and it got deleted somehow. It was a good piece for me but since then, I haven’t had peace regarding this. I was going to write something else, but now I have seen certain angles to it!
I watched Miss Americana on Netflix which is a documentary on Taylor Swift and how she emerged from a calculated interviewer to an opinionated woman! It moved me because she mentions the burden of not speaking up and regretting it now! She decides to voice her views and contributed to over 50 thousand new voter’s registrations in the assembly elections! That’s what a VOICE is capable of! She also mentions that America is a homophobic state as well! But, like India, they aren’t afraid.

I normally don’t write on societal errors but just after the release of Shubh Mangal Zaada Saavdhan’s trailer, which is a gay love story, a friend texted me asking what did I think of it!  We talked about it a bit and she told that one of her colleagues reacted in an unexpected way saying “they’re ruining the society”…(being of almost same age as hers, especially talking about the kissing scene in the film- two men kissing)…We abused him a bit and laughed it off how backward and narrow-minded that person must be! But was it his fault?

I mean here we are, the straight men, trying to survive and thrive in a WOMEN’S world! We have responsibilities, pressure of performance IN EVERY ASPECT OF OUR LIVES and here they intervene!!! These inappropriate people with their inappropriate behaviour! I want WOMEN, NOT YOU!! This DISEASE is gone too far now!!!

Hey, I get it men! I agree.. you’ve suffered more than anyone! The fight for equality was with you, the fight for domestic violence and every other crime against women was with you, the fight for freedom was with you!!! But this isn’t with you. 
Nobody’s blaming nobody.
Men, women, queer, all of us are fighting for SOMETHING.
Men fighting to stay sane in a mad world.
Women fighting for equality, since like, forever… But this fight is now have become easier, THANKS TO SOME MEN who understand.
Queer is fighting for HUMAN RIGHTS… THE BASIC ONES.
AND NOW THAT THEY HAVE SOME, people aren’t able accept it!
America being one of the most educated and advanced nation is homophobic, how can we expect INDIA to understand just like that!! We can’t!
But the good news is, India has the largest number of youth in the world and this youth is NOT Uninformed or Uneducated. We are nothing like our elders and it’s the advantage of the future. 
It’s okay if some of the present is homophobic, you can’t change that because they’re built that way, so stop trying to make them understand, but start try to make them accept as it is! 
The difference between this generation and the previous one is that we’re ACCEPTABLE OF EVERYTHING. We don’t flinch on two men kissing. We don’t feel it’s ruining the society. We think it’s beautiful that everyone has the freedom to love whomever they love. Because we fight peacefully, we argue with logics and we strive for information that is authentic. For us, THE HOMOPHOBIC STATE IS HISTORY. Hence, the problem has been solved.
If you still want to make the present and past understand and accept queer love, then do an experiment with elders in your family.
Even if you’re a straight man/woman, tell your parents/elders that you’re gay. See their reaction, explain to them what it means, educate them and then tell them you were experimenting on them for their own sake.
They have helped us get education, we can help them too.
Let’s try and get rid of the HOMOPHOBIC STATE.

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