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Why Work Stress Is A Good Thing

I know you must be thinking I’ve lost my mind because of all the work stress but no, that’s not it.

We all have stress of some kind. Family, Work, Life and what not.

Simply, if you don’t have work stress on some days, then your working is not serving you right.

You can totally have contradictory opinions about it right now, but read a while and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

When you’re working on something and suddenly some more work comes in, your first reaction is to curse the person who gave you the work and then curse the person who that work is for and then curse yourself for choosing this job and then cursing your life for not giving you what you want and i.e., a vacation… You see, a whole lot of cursing is involved in work life! You may be cursing this article because it reminded you, you have to go to work tomorrow! Hey, Don’t curse the article, curse your stress here.

In all that cursing self, life and people, what you’re doing is making yourself assume that your job sucks and you ARE stressful, even when you’re not… “Let’s take a break-to smoke outside”… Yeah, do it. That’ll help you with the stress. A thing which is slowly killing life out of you and effects your rational thinking and tricks your brain to make you think – You Are Stressed. Smoke away friend. If you really wish to not depend on a piece of shit-ggratte, then read ahead. If not, then go out, smoke and keep stressing out on life.

I am not saying life is easy ,or take it easy…I am also not saying that work doesn’t call for stress. But taking the stress seriously and then stressing about stress is just stupid. And since you do what you do, I don’t think you’re stupid!

Untitled design (2)

Stress is not caused due to the work you do or are about to do but it is caused because of the anticipation of it!

Stressing over how much work you’ve left and how much time you have left for it because you want to finish on time and chill out! All that worrying creates havoc and you are already stressed! This anticipation of working more makes you overthink about every problem in your life (that doesn’t even exist) and the reason you conclude for those problems is your choice of work!!!!

Then ,you start thinking about switching, other options or totally changing your field of interest, so that you can enjoy whatever you do, no matter how much you do it!

But are you sure that doing what you like to do doesn’t causes stress?

Let’s dig deeper into it.

When you do what you like to do, there’s no stress of More Work! There’s stress of No Work at all! Your stress is now accompanied by your fear of ‘what ifs’! “What if I don’t get what I want?” “What if this isn’t what I want to do?” Ecetera !

So still if you are stressed in some way or the other, its not because of what you do, its because you let it effect you!

“Work is Worship” for a reason.

Work gives meaning to our lives.

You can’t live how you want to live without the work you do. If you stress over work, then it is actually a sign that you take it seriously and want to grow. As stress makes you a better version of yourself in so many terms.

  • Stress makes you think about how much you work, that you should be proud of yourself for working so hard.
  • Stress gives you an opportunity to find new, smart ways to make your work easier for you.
  • Stress of some more work makes you learn new things!

Stress is your best friend at work if you let it be.
So just let it be.
Work stress is a good thing, if YOU let it be.
Have a happy workday.

It is the stressful times that make you a stronger, better version of yourself.

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