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When You Feel Like Giving Up

Everyone feels like giving up on something at some point of time. We’ve all been there. In fact, we go through it on a regular basis! Hell, I have been like given on several things, several times, which probably is the reason I am writing this post! So ahead are not researched facts and solutions, rather experienced and applied life hacks which I think I am happy to share. May be someone right now reading this needs them! Hey if you’re reading this because you’re thinking about giving up on something, you should fasten your seat belt and read with a speed! Okay, I am done messing. Let’s go.

Reasons to be feeling like Giving Up

To be clear, giving up doesn’t mean you’re going through depression or have any issues. It’s totally normal and everyone feels that way. So take a deep breath, clear out your mind and read ahead.

There are innumerable reasons for this that can also vary on an individual basis.

Yet, the ones I am listing are common with everyone. (I guess).

  1. You don’t feel like you’re getting closer to the result you hoped for.
  2. You think you have made a wrong decision.
  3. You’re tired of motivating yourself everyday.
  4. You feel you’re alone in this.
  5. You want to live that life you want, but something still holds you back and you’re scared.
  6. You feel like you’re wasting your life and what if you’re meant to do something else!?
  7. You see people doing their thing and you feel demotivated and start to doubt yourself.
  8. You think you aren’t good enough
  9. This list can go on and on and on. Because if you want to give up you’ll CREATE excuses that aren’t even there!

So what do we do?

Well, firstly, stop with the above points blabbering in your head RIGHT NOW!

Secondly, keep reading.

How to overcome the feeling of “giving up”?
I am not an expert or a professional who should advise people what they can do and what they can’t. But let me tell you one important thing. Whatever I tell you or whatever even an expert tells you, won’t make a difference unless you accept them in your heart and apply them on your will!

The solutions lay within yourself and they’re different for everyone. Once, twice, thrice and I don’t even remember how many I have thought of giving up on something I dearly loved doing just because “I wasn’t getting anywhere” or many shitty reasons I listed above! But the most important thing that kept me going with it was “My love for it”… I realized I might never get anywhere with it, but I enjoy it with all my heart and that’s the most important thing for me!

So I kept doing that thing, not for anyone but for myself. For my happy heart.

Another thing that keeps me going is my frustration with life on several days! Yeah! You read that right. Usually, when we’re frustrated we think negatively and “giving up” tends to pop up in our heads. But you have to train your brain to find positive in that frustration! I am not kidding or putting out any brain teasers! Though I might sound like that author who writes self help books and every paragraph ends with “positive thinking”. But believe me, its also scientific. You actually behave the way YOU train your brain!

Let me elaborate on this “Find positivity in Frustration thing” by telling you, what I do.

Whenever I feel frustrated I firstly, abuse a lot! Lol! No, not to people! But to someone I trust, I talk. I let it out of my system. And if I can’t share it with someone, then I write in my journal. That also helps ALOT!

After this, I start thinking about Last Year, where I was last year and what I have done and achieved in one year! Who I used to be and who I have become now!

Now this helps you feel great about yourself because you DID achieve alot and we tend to forget about it in the rush to get better for the future. So I appreciate myself!

Then, I think about all those people who aren’t very fortunate to have what I have! And so, I should not take this as granted. I am lucky.

And with this brain exercise, the last thing that comes to your mind is, “This too shall pass. I will never give up. I know I can do this. Let’s watch some movie”.

I am not kidding this works! Try it on yourself.

The 3 simple steps to stop feeling like giving up-

  1. Let it out of your system.
  2. Appreciate yourself for all that you’ve achieved so far.
  3. Practice gratitude. Be grateful.
There are some other points as well.

Like – Not caring what people think, giving yourself priority, keeping your goal in your mind and all but you can read them in any self help book! So.

I hope this helps someone! If it does, you’re welcome, if doesn’t, try your own way! It may be better than mine!

Thanks for reading. Never give up.

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