Personal Development

Myth About Passion

Passion is such a heavy word. It touches your most vulnerable nerve. That nerve, which was once the strongest! When you were 15 and that nerve made you decide what you wanted to be! But instead, that nerve couldn’t support you long enough and you fell in life’s trap! Many of us wanted to be musicians or athletes or painters, but that person got lost somewhere and the one who emerged, is still trying to find that satisfaction in present endeavours! Did you find it yet, or are you still looking?

 Let me do something for you today in that space. Affirm that you’ll find that thing one day, because you will. So don’t stop searching for it. You may find it in something you didn’t think you would. You’ll discover yourself and your capabilities and you’ll be better than you think of yourself! 

But what about that thing you really wanted to do? You must have read or seen content like ‘Follow Your Passion’ or ‘Don’t Follow Your Passion’ and mostly, ‘Don’t Make Your Passion, Your Profession’ ! I have read alot about these!

All of these people saying these things are bluffing, they don’t even know they’re! You really think they didn’t have dreams like us? No, they did, yet they learned through life and fame what was their priority! So they stick to it! They evolved with their dreams! They became writers and motivational coaches! Some of them are really great and authentic, like Robin Sharma & Gary Vee. You should check them out if you haven’t, after reading this though.

They’re doing this work because they KNOW that we need it. We need motivation or a wake up call. We need someone to tell us to do what’s required because humans are slick and lazy. We’re more productive when someone else tells us to be! It’s annoying but it’s in our nature.

But never mix their lessons with ‘passion’. Passion is not your dream job or your biggest hobby. Passion is what you’re born with and it grows with you. You figure it out as life goes on! But it’s okay if you don’t. Passion is not a quality that one possesses! It’s an emotion. It’s a feeling of extremeness. You can be passionate about love or friendships or traveling or cooking! That doesn’t mean you have to make it into a career. Because passion is personal. Like art is. Like your music taste is. Passion is something you share deeply with yourself & you know may be others won’t understand that & its okay because it’s YOURS!

I used to think that music is my passion. Singing to be precise. There was a huge part of me that tried real hard to make it happen as a singer, but there was always something missing! But I found it as life went on and bought me where I am now! I found out that as long as I was singing to be Something or reach Somewhere, I wasn’t happy! I learned that when I sang for just MYSELF, and not to show it out to the world, I was happy. Satisfied. Because I got to know that my passion is mine. I sing everyday. I am happy when I do. May be i’ll do something about it one day! Who knows! But for now, I live it everyday still. I share it with the world sometimes. You can listen some of it, I’ll attach a link at the end.

The thing is, not showing my passion to the world doesn’t mean I have to stop following it! Because passion always lives inside us. Even if you try to bury it, it strikes back in some ways or the other. Don’t fight it or let go! It’s YOURS. Live your passion, Everyday.

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