Personal Development

Happiness Is A Loophole

Are you happy today?

Or right now?

Did you just sigh at the question?

Did you say ‘I don’t know’?

Why do you care that I am asking this?

How would it affect me if you’re Happy Or Not Happy?

It only affects YOU.

I have been calling up happiness as the most important emotion for a long time. Happiness is overrated. Of course, everyone seeks to be it.

But the search destroys you emotionally!

Keep reading and you’ll know why!

I am not talking about Money Doesn’t Buy Happiness crap! That’s damn stupid and cliché to even think  about it!

I am talking about the constant need to be happy.


“At work , I have been feeling a little off today. Why can’t I be happy? May be if I sleep, I’ll feel better afterwards.”

“I just woke up and I am already feeling low! What’s my problem! I can’t figure it out and I can’t be happy! I want to be happy, that’s the only way towards peace!”

Or is it?

You want peace or you want happiness?

You can’t have both if you keep running in search of the thing you will never find if you don’t have peace, a.k.a. Happiness!

Does this make you uncomfortable?

Keep reading, you’ll be anxious towards the end!

No I am kidding, you’ll feel the emotion, you’re meant to feel RIGHT NOW!

Did you just get the idea what I am talking about?!

I think you did!

Anyway, keep reading to prove you got it right…

There are so many emotions now, that we never experienced before. Now we freak out if feel anything but happy! Well, we should not! This world has over-sold the idea of Happiness. So much so, that we WAIT for a certain phase or emotion to be over so that we can FiNAlly, be Happy! We keep searching for it in innumerable things or people or places.

” May be if I take a vacation i’ll be happy.

May be if I talk to my love, I’ll be happy.

May be if I call-in sick from work and take a day off,

I’ll feel better!…”

And this MAY BE goes on and on…We keep searching, keep on the mission to be happy, without actually knowing what Happiness really is and How it CAN be felt!

I am not going to tell you that Happiness is Within Ourselves, because if you’re reading this ,you know that already and this sentence didn’t work for you that is why you are here may be! You didn’t FIND it WITHIN YOU!

You can’t.

Yes. Its true.

You won’t find happiness within yourself, because we as living beings have infinite emotions within us and we can’t focus on just one! Within us, is an ocean of feelings, tiding their way one by one to the shore. Happiness sure tides up and goes back… Something else comes again, may be sadness or numbness… Happiness again…. Washes off the shore, all the worries taken away… Stress comes again… Leaves some residue… Happiness again, takes all of it away… This cycle keeps on going. 

Do you know why we are depressed and anxious ? I don’t know man! I don’t have all the answers all the time , because trust me, I feel the same. So I have accepted the fact that its okay to be feeling anything if not happy or to feel nothing at all. Life is like that. Accept this and you’ll find peace at least.

P.S. This never aimed to tell you HOW TO BE HAPPY! Read anything ,you won’t find happiness, because (oh wait! I told you already!). Well, read this again then!

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